Feliz Dia Internacional de la Mujer

Happy International Women’s Day!  Yesterday we completed the first course of our visit this year. Imagine 22 women with smiles and increased self-esteem, pleased with what they had learned. In our final talking circle they all were very grateful to have received such a practical and useful course.

The two bomberos who participated were fine men who were very kind and considerate.  These are the men the comadronas must call for ambulance services in the case of an emergency. Having bomberos participate is an excellent team building exercise.  Comadronas and bomberos gain a better understanding of each other’s role in caring for mothers and babies. We have had nurses participate in the past who also gained a better understanding of the comadrona’s work.  It is our hope that doctors, too, will participate and change their attitude. A new law in Guatemala for safe motherhood includes comadronas as an official part of the system of care.